Know about the equivalents of grade St52

Know about the equivalents of grade St52

  • Mar 05 , 2024
Worldwide Equivalents of Grade ST52-3 (S355J2G3):EuropeEuropean Standard ENS355J2G3 (1.0570) is the equivalent to ST52-3 in Europe.GermanyGerman DIN StandardsSt

Worldwide Equivalents of Grade ST52-3 (S355J2G3):


European Standard EN

S355J2G3 (1.0570) is the equivalent to ST52-3 in Europe.


German DIN Standards

St52-3 (DIN, WNr 1.0570) corresponds to S355J2G3 in Germany.

United States

American ASTM/ASME

The closest equivalent to ST52-3 (S355J2G3) in the United States is ASTM A572 Grade 50.


Chinese GB Standard

Q345B or Q345D in China are similar grades to ST52-3 (S355J2G3).


Japanese JIS Standard

SM490A/B/C or SS490 in Japan can be considered as equivalents to ST52-3 (S355J2G3).


Indian IS Standard

IS 2062 E350 is often used as an equivalent to ST52-3 (S355J2G3) in India.

International Standards


ISO 630 FE510D1 or FE510D2 are international equivalents to ST52-3 (S355J2G3).

Additional Notes

Other countries may have their own national or industry-specific standards

, so it is advisable to consult relevant cross-reference tables or databases to find equivalents based on specific requirements and applications.


When selecting an international equivalent for ST52-3 steel, it is important to consider the specific material properties, chemical composition, and mechanical characteristics required for the intended application to ensure compatibility and compliance with relevant standards and specifications.

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